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(History of the Rolette County Housing Authority)
The Rolette County Housing Authority was established October 10, 1960 in order to
meet the needs of all Rolette County residents

The original board consisted of Carl Myhre as Chairman, a position he held for 42
years, along with board members
Bill Linson, Fayes Albert, Orin Dunlap and Bob
The first Housing Director was Art Bergeth.

The first project of the Authority was to locate units in Belcourt.  However, HUD later
decided it would be better to have a Tribal Housing Authority established for the
Reservation instead.  The RCHA's second project of 20 units were then authorized for
Rolette.  Only one home, owned by
Mrs. Elizabeth Houim, was on that site before the
housing units were developed in
1964.  She was given first choice as to which unit she
would like to live in when the project was completed.  The 'third'  project was constructed
in Rolette in 1969 on the same site.

There are 28
1-bedroom units and four 2-bedroom units in two buildings, with a third
building containing four
3-bedroom units and two 4-bedroom units at Prairie View
Homes.   A duplex with two-t
wo bedroom, fully handicapped accessible units was built
in 2010, totaling 40 units in
Rolette.  In addition, 28 single-family homes were
constructed in the
City of Dunseith in 1984.   A unique development by  the Authority,
was purchasing three apartment buildings from Underwood, ND and moving them into
Rolette County
in 1994.  Those have either two or three bedrooms.

current Housing Director is Gary Linson, who has been the director since March,
2017 and supersedes the former director,
Tim Shirk.

2017 Housing Board of Directors includes the following:
Emery Mears
Henry "Chick" LaRocque (Board Member)
Jay Myhre (Board Member)
Eldon Moors (Board Member)
Ron Houle (Board Member)

All board members are
volunteers, appointed by the County Commission and serve 5
year terms.  Board members are not paid for their time to attend monthly meetings or
related services.  

The Housing Authority celebrated its
50th Anniversary in September 2011 with an open
house and tours of its new units in Rolette.
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