Rolette County Housing Properties
Rolette County Housing Authority
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Located at 5th Ave and Main, Prairie
View Homes has mainly 1 bedroom
apartments and several are
handicapped accessible.  There are
a limited number of 2, 3 and 4
bedroom apartments.  Rent is based
on income.   The Senior Center
houses the Senior Meals program, a
laundry for tenants, rural mail
service, and the Housing Office.
Spread throughout Dunseith are
twenty-eight individual houses for
families.  Unit size range from two to
four bedrooms.   Rent is based on
income.  Families renting these homes
learn what is needed to maintain their
own home.  They can use the
experience as a springboard to
purchasing their own home later on.
Known as the San Haven
Apartments, these 8-plexes are
located on the west side.  Each
apartment has either 2 or 3
bedrooms, two bathrooms, hook-ups
for washer & dryer, separate
living-room, dining room, kitchen,
are carpeted and have central air.  
Off-street parking with headbolt
plugins.  Rent is currently $540 per
month plus you pay heat and
electricity.  Deposits are required.