Section 8 / HAP Housing
The Section 8 Voucher Program  (a.k.a Housing Assistance
Program or HAP) was designed to assist low-income
individuals or families with their housing needs while renting
from a private landlord.  
Families need NOT have children to
be eligible.

Individuals or families who qualify can receive assistance
with their monthly rent, enabling families to live in housing
that would otherwise be out of reach for their income level.   A
dwelling can be a house, a mobile home, a basement
apartment or multi-family building.  It may be located on the
Reservation or off; and in town or out in the country.  

Initial success with the Voucher program means finding an
acceptable unit, signing a one year lease, paying deposits
and hooking up utilities if required in the lease, after approval
by the Housing Authority.

Rental units must be approved for Rent Reasonableness,
Total Housing Cost guidelines, and passing Minimum
Housing Quality Standards.    Attention Landlords: An
Inspection Checklist
(HUD Form 52580-a) is available for
download in PDF format.

Valuable program information is available
Outreach to Owners (PDF).
Rolette County Housing Authority
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                                                                                  LANDLORD LISTINGs:                       Added 4-2008
PLEASE NOTE       This list does NOT include all landlords in the County ! !   This is ONLY A PARTIAL LISTING.  
Not all landlords like HAP and HAP clients do NOT have to select from the landlords shown.  Some landlords have
choosen not to be listed.  New landlords may not be known to us either.  

Dunseith     Cliff Counts                   244-2150                                Rolla                Larry Swenson         1800-968-7698
Rolla            Revere R. E.                  477-5800                                Rolette             Dennis Azure            550-5836               
Rolla            Jason Nordmark          477-0070                                Dunseith                  
Rolette        Harlow's Rentals         246-3700                                Belcourt          
Dunseith     Mike Hanlan (DCBC)  278-0887                                 Belcourt           Craig Morin               477-
Rolla            Gordon Kreck                477-6780                                Rolette            
Belcourt       Emily Davis                   477-6111 ext 560                  Rolla                 Terry Guderjohn      477-8011
Rolette        Rolette Manor                246-3796                                Rolla                 Owen Olson             477-3387
Rolla                                                                                                      Rolla                 Terry Sarkilahi          477-3582
Rolla           5 Star Rentals                1800-284-9733                     St. John            5 Star Rentals          1800-284-9733
Dunseith    Garden Manor Apts       244-5610                                Rolette              Hayhurst Manor       246-3511
Rolla           San Haven/RCHA          246-3421                                Rolla                 Jim Venne                477-6083
Belcourt      J Grandboise                 477-0163                                Belcourt            Dennis Decoteau    244-2132
Dunseith    Art Rude Sr.                     244-5814                               Belcourt            Turtle Mtn Hsg          477-5673
Rolla          Cameron Mickelson      477-5911                                Rolette              Thunder Mtn CS       477-3891
Belcourt                                                                                                 Belcourt            D Bruce                      477-8397
St. John     Mark Walsh      Rugby    776-2862                                Rolla                 Alvin LaFromboise   477-8839
Belcourt                                                                                                 Rolla                  Brenda Bercier        477-5033      
Rolla           Quentin Harris                                                                 St John             Terry Hudson  Edmond OK
Belcourt     Richard Monette  Madison Wisc